Adult Ministries

Mid-Week Prayer Fellowship

Cornerstone Baptist Church is a family. As a family, we gather each mid-week for in-depth studies that are designed to encourage us in our personal walks and establish our homes. We strive to promote friendships built around the close bond of Christian fellowship. Each study seeks to be practical in nature, allowing the Word of God to meet us where we are and help us get to where God desires us to be. We then take significant and purposeful time in prayer with one another, praising God for Who He is, and seeking His grace with particular needs within our church family.

Bible Studies

Periodically throughout the year, we offer 6-8 week Bible studies for men and women. Each study will be based upon a Bible study topic that is pertinent to the needs of the day. The studies are conducted at various locations and are offered at multiple times for the convenience of those attending. Participants are encouraged to come prepared to share with others as we seek to “exhort one another daily” (Hebrews 3:13).

Community Groups

After our Sunday morning services, we meet from 11am-12pm in small group settings (15-20 people per group) to dig just a bit deeper into the truth taught from our morning service. Through carefully presented questions, thoughts, and corporate prayer, everyone can participate and contribute in edification one with another. These small group settings allow us to get to know each each other better, while also providing opportunities for service outside our regular Sunday and Wednesday meetings. The purpose is to build "community;" to be salt and light (Matthew 5) within and without the four walls of Cornerstone Baptist Church.

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